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Friday, October 29, 2010

The Beautiful Origami of Eric Joisel

Origami.. The art of folding paper. I have always been interested in it and thought it is really amazing how you can turn one piece of paper into an intricate 3D folded sculpture. Having done a little origami myself, I know just how tricky it is to fold the simplest of things. Just one fraction off on a fold can mess up the whole thing. This man takes origami to the next level creating such beautiful and wonderful pieces that look almost impossible to be one piece of paper. While looking through his work I was just in awe at all of his work and how detailed it all is. It is truly amazing!

These are just a small few of his works and each one is just as intricate and wonderful. Take a minute to look at his website. I promise it wont disappoint!!
Saddly, while making this post , I learned he recently passed away of lung cancer. He will live on through his work and remembered for years to come.

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