You never know what kind of interesting or fabulous art you will find searching the internet. Whether it be something famous or something not quite noticed yet, some things you just can't forget. Some things will amaze you and somethings will leave you just plain speechless. So here I will share with you what I find every Friday! If you find something worth sharing please, feel free to let me know and I will be glad to put it in my blog! Also dont forget to check out my older posts!
Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Jewelry!! VintageFiligree

Pura and Gina Haertlein design and create Vintage style jewelry. All of their designs are so delicate and feminine. They make me think of Da Vinci's Female head with her fair skin and soft features. I could imagine her wearing this jewelry and the intricate and detailed designs that are crafted into each custom design by Federikas Vintage Filigree.

"At the age of 15 after showing a talent for design, my parents enrolled me in a school of fine arts. Since then creating new and original pieces is my life’s passion. I also come from a very artistic family and was exposed to many art forms from an early age.
All of our jewelry designs are made with a touch mystique and romance, plus the combination of brilliant colors, dreams, and imagination. Each piece is delicately created one at a time, by hand and lavishly adorned.
Our jewelry pieces are created using the best materials including a variety of vintage and new Czech glass beads and stones, brilliant Swarovski crystals, seed beads, fire polished beads and many other types of beads depending on each individual creation. The filigrees we use for our creations are stamped from brass and resemble fine lace work. They have been used for more than 100 years in the art of jewelry design. In fact you may see many of these filigree repousses, findings, stampings and embellishments on antique jewelry because our filigrees are vintage or reproductions made with the original antique dies which are still in service today and made by their original filigree manufacturers. The filigrees are then hand rendered and/or layered by us to encase our vintage/antique glass gems or designs. Therefore the end result is a timeless heirloom for yesterday, today and tomorrow; just like the type of beautiful jewelry you'd find in a grandmother's jewelry box."

I couldn't imagine anyone not falling in love with this jewelry. Its just so gorgeous! You can purchase this wonderful jewelry at their shop on Esty, and have one of these fine beauties for yourself!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cindy Valenzo's Gorgeous Glass

Cindy Valenzo creates her art using glass to turn it into these lovely pendants.
For an artist, the perfect jewelry is art, and this jewelry is perfect! So beautiful and elegant. They would make any outfit look stunning. They have such a smooth look and the colors are so brilliant. They are very unique and I am sure they are great for conversation. I know if I were to see someone wearing this jewelry, I would have to stop them and ask about it. If you love accessories, you must take a minute to look at these beautifully crafted Dichroic Glass pendants.

"I have been working with various forms of art all of my life. Let's say 40 years plus and leave it at that. I was brought up in an atmosphere where they often just looked at me and scratched their heads but didn't say I couldn't do something, as long as it wasn't too dangerous. I painted, made mosaics and sewed when I was younger but have always had a pull towards glass. I started in stained glass and after several years wanted to incorporate fused glass into my work. Once I started fusing I was hooked. There weren't many classes close by so I'm pretty much self taught. I had a studio and taught and sold supplies for a while but found little time for creativity. I closed the studio and moved it back to my house where I have been creating for the last 5 years. I Love color and Dichroic glass is certainly full of that. Nature, objects and just life in general inspires me and I'm like a Mad scientist and night owl because I like to work late at night and then I go to sleep and dream up more ideas."

Her shop is full of these gorgeous pendants, earrings, and other accessories. Out of her 512 lovely glass creations, I could only pick a few to post, so please stop by her shop to see more! You will be glad you did! There are so many variations and colors.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Adriana Oancia

Adriana Oancia paints beautiful abstract. The colors she uses are very warm and bright. I love how she uses multiple panels to create a larger painting. She "is an artist who has enjoyed a long and successful career selling her paintings online, and through galleries in the United States and Europe. Adriana is a professional artist who has been actively painting since the age of four. Inspired by the paintings of her European grandfather, Adriana has dedicated her life to the creation of art and has made a substantial career out of painting contemporary, abstract works. Beyond her passion as a working artist, Adriana is also actively involved with the Interior Designer community and has, herself, helped other artists sell their works by being employed at a variety of well-know galleries throughout Chicago and abroad." Her art "feels" very warm and calming to me. She also offers custom paintings to her customers so that they can choose size and colors. You can see (and buy) her art on her Etsy Shop.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Who knew metal could be so amazing!

Another find from, a metal sculpture artist, Laura Knight. I was so amazed at her sculptures! The way she makes the metal "flow" and look so alive is just mind blowing! She manipulates the metal pieces with heat and grinding to effect the colors and light reflections. She creates such breathtaking and intricate designs in her metal art. She is so extremely talented in what she does! Her art will leave you speechless. 

Words from the artist, Laura Knight
"I love metal so much but my history is far more interesting. I tried to learn welding when I was barely twenty and hated the stupid helmets. Had to wait 35 years for the technology to produce the auto darkening helmet I use now. I am also an oil painter, a raku artist, a bas relief ceramic artist and Batik artist. I fly planes and body surf. The only thing I ain't any good at is skiing. Too fast for my taste..or is it the height sickness I feel looking DOWNHILL...ugh. I'm in love with metal. Soon I have plans to combine it with raku and then I'll be a force to be reckoned with.I am also working on more horses as people fall over backwards when they see them. There is a whole horse culture out there..with Arabians, Adalusians, Thoroughbreds, Clydesdales and painted and wild and they are all amazing."
Each one of her pieces are so detailed and beautiful! Visit her website to see all of her wonderfully crafted metal art!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Maria Zeldis "Life is my inspiration."

I found this very talented artist on Her work is beautiful and so detailed. She truly captures the moment and the emotions in her drawings. I especially love her drawings of children. It is almost as if you can tell what they are thinking and their innocence shows. It takes talent to draw such beautiful images but to also capture the feeling of the moment is truly amazing. I had such a hard time deciding which photos to post but you can look at all of her drawings and wonderful photographs here.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

They call her "A child prodigy"

For my first post on my first blog, I decided to write about someone you may or may not have already seen. I think she is most talented and very inspiring. Her art is so deep and full of emotion. She is a young, self taught artist, who has already made a big impression on the world at only 15. Her poetry is just as beautiful as her art and just as inspiring! She has been featured on many television shows, including Oprah and Montel. She has also been featured in many magazines and news articles. Words alone cannot describe her art. It has to be seen! I can only imagine what she has in store for her in her journey through life! She has talent that some of us only dream of and all of us admire. She is certainly someone I would keep up with through her work. Her works are just breathtaking!She is Akiane Kramarik , a child prodigy. Watch her paint this beautiful picture "Wonder" from start to finish.