You never know what kind of interesting or fabulous art you will find searching the internet. Whether it be something famous or something not quite noticed yet, some things you just can't forget. Some things will amaze you and somethings will leave you just plain speechless. So here I will share with you what I find every Friday! If you find something worth sharing please, feel free to let me know and I will be glad to put it in my blog! Also dont forget to check out my older posts!
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Adriana Oancia

Adriana Oancia paints beautiful abstract. The colors she uses are very warm and bright. I love how she uses multiple panels to create a larger painting. She "is an artist who has enjoyed a long and successful career selling her paintings online, and through galleries in the United States and Europe. Adriana is a professional artist who has been actively painting since the age of four. Inspired by the paintings of her European grandfather, Adriana has dedicated her life to the creation of art and has made a substantial career out of painting contemporary, abstract works. Beyond her passion as a working artist, Adriana is also actively involved with the Interior Designer community and has, herself, helped other artists sell their works by being employed at a variety of well-know galleries throughout Chicago and abroad." Her art "feels" very warm and calming to me. She also offers custom paintings to her customers so that they can choose size and colors. You can see (and buy) her art on her Etsy Shop.


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