You never know what kind of interesting or fabulous art you will find searching the internet. Whether it be something famous or something not quite noticed yet, some things you just can't forget. Some things will amaze you and somethings will leave you just plain speechless. So here I will share with you what I find every Friday! If you find something worth sharing please, feel free to let me know and I will be glad to put it in my blog! Also dont forget to check out my older posts!
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Friday, October 15, 2010

Pedal to the Metal!

Today we have some outstanding metal artwork from Jon Allen. He creates abstract pieces using aluminum panels and a grinder to create amazing textures, lighting effects, and colors. I really love metal art the way it is so dimensional and reflective.The different directions of the grinding and the pressure and depth create such dramatic designs in the metal. These pieces are just beautiful and so interesting. They are very flowing and smooth almost like liquid. 
There are so many more great pieces with vibrant colors, shapes, and even some really great sculptures and clocks! These are also very reasonably priced so you can easily have one of these for yourself! So go check out the rest of Jon Allen!

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