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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pinkle Toes Photography

I found this amazing photo while browsing Flickr and just had to click on the photostream!  And sure enough... more AMAZING photos!! This photographer out of Austin, Texas does exceptional work and I cant say how much of an understatement that is!! Her photos are so breathtaking and so personal. She captures every emotion in each shot. You can really tell she puts her whole heart and passion into each single photo she takes. They are all truly a work of art, the settings and color choices, the angles, the props, the lighting, the fine tuning and the presentation of the finished work. All just gorgeous!!
I got started much like every other mom who does photography: taking pictures of my kids.  I did have a fascination with photography growing up (I used to dress up my dolls and hold photo shoots with my mom's Polaroid camera), but I didn't really know what I was doing at all. And then one day I saw an image from the uber-talented and infinitely inspirational Jinky and decided that I wanted to do that, too.  And I just dove in.  I bought my first SLR (a Rebel XT), joined groups on Flickr, read EVERYTHING I could, and played, and played, and played until I started getting results I liked. And that's that. I just learned by reading and doing and making a lot of mistakes along the way. Two books that you should read: Understanding ExposurePhotographing Babies and Children (google can't miss 'em).

I have browsed through her photos for hours just to pick a few to post here but there are hundreds more for you to see on her Flickr and her absolutely adorable and beautiful Blog! They are both a MUST SEE!!!

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