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Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Jewelry!! VintageFiligree

Pura and Gina Haertlein design and create Vintage style jewelry. All of their designs are so delicate and feminine. They make me think of Da Vinci's Female head with her fair skin and soft features. I could imagine her wearing this jewelry and the intricate and detailed designs that are crafted into each custom design by Federikas Vintage Filigree.

"At the age of 15 after showing a talent for design, my parents enrolled me in a school of fine arts. Since then creating new and original pieces is my life’s passion. I also come from a very artistic family and was exposed to many art forms from an early age.
All of our jewelry designs are made with a touch mystique and romance, plus the combination of brilliant colors, dreams, and imagination. Each piece is delicately created one at a time, by hand and lavishly adorned.
Our jewelry pieces are created using the best materials including a variety of vintage and new Czech glass beads and stones, brilliant Swarovski crystals, seed beads, fire polished beads and many other types of beads depending on each individual creation. The filigrees we use for our creations are stamped from brass and resemble fine lace work. They have been used for more than 100 years in the art of jewelry design. In fact you may see many of these filigree repousses, findings, stampings and embellishments on antique jewelry because our filigrees are vintage or reproductions made with the original antique dies which are still in service today and made by their original filigree manufacturers. The filigrees are then hand rendered and/or layered by us to encase our vintage/antique glass gems or designs. Therefore the end result is a timeless heirloom for yesterday, today and tomorrow; just like the type of beautiful jewelry you'd find in a grandmother's jewelry box."

I couldn't imagine anyone not falling in love with this jewelry. Its just so gorgeous! You can purchase this wonderful jewelry at their shop on Esty, and have one of these fine beauties for yourself!


  1. Simply beautiful! I am in love =)

  2. We are honored to be featured in this most amazing blog by Crystal Yaeger. Her art is enchantingly magical, and for her to like our work enough to feature in her blog makes us very happy Thank you so much.
    Thank you Fae for the beautiful comment :)
    Pura and Gina