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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cindy Valenzo's Gorgeous Glass

Cindy Valenzo creates her art using glass to turn it into these lovely pendants.
For an artist, the perfect jewelry is art, and this jewelry is perfect! So beautiful and elegant. They would make any outfit look stunning. They have such a smooth look and the colors are so brilliant. They are very unique and I am sure they are great for conversation. I know if I were to see someone wearing this jewelry, I would have to stop them and ask about it. If you love accessories, you must take a minute to look at these beautifully crafted Dichroic Glass pendants.

"I have been working with various forms of art all of my life. Let's say 40 years plus and leave it at that. I was brought up in an atmosphere where they often just looked at me and scratched their heads but didn't say I couldn't do something, as long as it wasn't too dangerous. I painted, made mosaics and sewed when I was younger but have always had a pull towards glass. I started in stained glass and after several years wanted to incorporate fused glass into my work. Once I started fusing I was hooked. There weren't many classes close by so I'm pretty much self taught. I had a studio and taught and sold supplies for a while but found little time for creativity. I closed the studio and moved it back to my house where I have been creating for the last 5 years. I Love color and Dichroic glass is certainly full of that. Nature, objects and just life in general inspires me and I'm like a Mad scientist and night owl because I like to work late at night and then I go to sleep and dream up more ideas."

Her shop is full of these gorgeous pendants, earrings, and other accessories. Out of her 512 lovely glass creations, I could only pick a few to post, so please stop by her shop to see more! You will be glad you did! There are so many variations and colors.

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