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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Who knew metal could be so amazing!

Another find from, a metal sculpture artist, Laura Knight. I was so amazed at her sculptures! The way she makes the metal "flow" and look so alive is just mind blowing! She manipulates the metal pieces with heat and grinding to effect the colors and light reflections. She creates such breathtaking and intricate designs in her metal art. She is so extremely talented in what she does! Her art will leave you speechless. 

Words from the artist, Laura Knight
"I love metal so much but my history is far more interesting. I tried to learn welding when I was barely twenty and hated the stupid helmets. Had to wait 35 years for the technology to produce the auto darkening helmet I use now. I am also an oil painter, a raku artist, a bas relief ceramic artist and Batik artist. I fly planes and body surf. The only thing I ain't any good at is skiing. Too fast for my taste..or is it the height sickness I feel looking DOWNHILL...ugh. I'm in love with metal. Soon I have plans to combine it with raku and then I'll be a force to be reckoned with.I am also working on more horses as people fall over backwards when they see them. There is a whole horse culture out there..with Arabians, Adalusians, Thoroughbreds, Clydesdales and painted and wild and they are all amazing."
Each one of her pieces are so detailed and beautiful! Visit her website to see all of her wonderfully crafted metal art!

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  1. Ooh la la! That's truly awe-inspiring!
    You're finding some really wonderful people - this is the kind of talent that really needs to be promoted!
    Off to view Ms. Knight's website =)